25 People Admit The Dumbest Questions They’ve Ever Asked

Image via Tenor
Image via Tenor

It’s human nature to ask questions. It’d be weird AF if you didn’t. It’s also normal to ask “dumb” questions when you’re young. You’re learning, so it’s inevitable.

But what about when you’re a teen+? Shouldn’t you have some common sense at this point, or know the kind of questions that would make you seem stupid? Apparently not. You see, some people ask completely idiotic questions. So idiotic, in fact, that they’ll make you involuntarily cringe.

These 25 people asked some of those questions. They are seriously so damn dumb! But then again, we’ve all been there, right? LOL JK I HOPE NOT I HAVEN’T.

These 25 admit to the dumbest question they’ve ever asked:


My husband was deployed and a day ahead of me. I asked him on Superbowl Sunday (Monday for him) if he could tell me who won, since it already happened over there for him.


I once called the hotel maintenance and told them that my microwave in my room wasn’t working. It got to the point where they came to my room. When they got there they immediately told me “sir that’s a safe not a microwave.”


After being told my uncle died, the only words I could find were “Wasn’t he like recently alive?” I’ll never live it down.


Me: Yea..uh…how much is the ten dollar one? Cashier: You serious??

Written by Alex Cogen

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