25 People Admit The Most Embarrassing Thing That Has Ever Happened To Them

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There are a few things that are certain in life. You are born, you will die one day, and you will also make a complete and utter fool of yourself at least 47276592374 times throughout the course of your existence. I’m talking about the embarrassing sh*t you do on daily, weekly, yearly (lucky you) basis that is so cringeworthy, you want to crawl into a hole and never come out.

It just so happens that many of these embarrassing situations happen when you’re going through the most awkward time of your life — adolescence, puberty, middle school, and high school. The older we get, the less sh*ts we tend to give, so it takes more to embarrass us. Like, why wallow in that thing you did 15 years ago when you can just pound rosé on a porch somewhere and gab about the new GOT episode.

For those who still give a sh*t about the embarrassing things from their past, I feel you — I really do. I mean, if I bent down in biology class trying to wiggle my ass in front of my crush to “woo” him and then realized I had a huge period stain on my pants — it’d be hard for me to get over that, too. Just keep chugging that rosé, Becky. And soon you won’t give a sh*t anymore!

These 25 people confess the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to them and it will make you laugh, then cringe:


Sophmore in high school in biology when I suddenly need to use the bathroom. They always had us use sign out sheets so I was signing myself out right in front of my crush’s desk. I bent over and arched my back so he’d have a real nice view of my ass in my American eagle jeans, even wiggled it a bit, I was a flirt. Get to the bathroom and realize I was just wagging around my period stained ass for the whole world to see. And it was really bad too, like flag of Japan bad. Had to wear my friends sweatshirt around my waist the rest of the day. And I definitely know my crush saw it because he was a really nice guy and said something to my female teacher while I was gone so she could let me know, cringing all over again.


I was in my kinder class and there was a boy (we will call him Kevin) that always shit himself. My teacher smelled something funny and asked us all who did it. Kevin’s best friend (let’s call him Jorge) came to Kevin’s rescue by going around the entire class and sniffing everyone’s ass from the chair they were sitting in. He smells Kevin’s ass and says “oh it’s not him, he smells like fruit roll ups” then he smells my ass and tells the teacher I shit myself. So the teacher makes me come up to her desk and turn around and proceeds to look down my pants. I was clean. It was Kevin. I’m scarred for life.


I was in a small bookstore in France pooing in the bathroom, and some small French boy and his dad just opened the door and stared at me for a good five seconds before leaving. I was too embarrassed to move so I literally just sat there and pooed instead of trying to close the door.


The worst was on a busy Saturday where I had 3 funerals and a wedding to play as organist. By the time the wedding finally arrived after the 3 funerals were over, I must’ve been tired (or daydreaming) because I played funeral procession music as the bride entered the church, rather than the Trumpet Voluntary, as scheduled.


Back in HS sitting at a girls basketball game when I sit down next to one of “the cool guys.” I’m trying to be social with him and we start to chat it up about the girls. Well there is one girl on the team who had hypotrichosis (no hair on her entire body). I lean to him and say “well that can’t be all bad right?” (Give him the nudge nudge wink wink). He straight face looks at me and says “that’s my sister.” Most awkward silence of my HS years.

Written by Laura McNairy

Laura is a freelance writer for TFLN. She likes to write about what she knows best — dating, sex, and being awkward, but usually in the opposite order. She is the Assistant Editor and videographer for Peach Fuzz, a sex-positive nudie magazine in ATX.