25 People Confess The Moment They Realized Their SO Was A Complete Idiot


She believed people were able to breathe with their ears underwater, but you had to train very hard and that’s why almost no one did it. That’s why there’s people who can last very long underwater. Swear she is a completely functioning human being.


When she asked if it was still called an eclipse when the sun passes between earth and the moon.


My boyfriend insisted that cooking certain things in the microwave was a hassle since you had to “stop them early” because the microwave only cooked in 30-second increments. I’m not sure what he thought all the numbers were for, but his life changed that day.


Once my girlfriend went to refuel. She said the gas pump “was one of those old pumps from the ’60s” and wouldn’t fit into the tank hole. So she took a pen to force the tank open and proceeded to carefully pump gas from the tip of the pump into the tank. Obviously after doing that the car couldn’t start and was fucked up, as she had been putting a full load of diesel into a gasoline vehicle.


“WHAT DO YOU MEAN ALASKA ISN’T NEXT TO HAWAII ” Followed by, ALASKA is connected to Canada??

Written by Laura McNairy

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