25 People Didn’t Realize They Were Talking To Someone Famous

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Although we’d all like to pretend that we’d be super cool when meeting a celeb, most of us freak the F out. We ramble, take selfies, and then run away. Sure, some people probably act chill, but the majority of us are embarrassing individuals.

But could you really blame us? Seeing someone you idolize in person is a huge event, and something you will never forget. It’s hard to keep your cool when you’re meeting someone that changed your life.

Although some of us are well versed in the art of celebrity culture, other people just truly DGAF, or have no idea what’s going on. So when these people come across a celeb, chances are they have absolutely no idea. Thus, the best interactions ensue.

The following 25 people met celebrities and had no idea who they were. Maybe they figured it out eventually, or realized it months later by watching the news, but at the time of the meeting, they just looked ignorant, or like they were too school for cool. Cudos to ya’ll for being cool AF, god knows if I had sushi with Brad Pitt I would have live tweeted the whole thing.

These 25 people talked to/hung out with celebs without realizing it:


My parents had a layover & decided to have a drink. 2 big dudes dressed in upscale clothes & gold chains sat at the other end of the bar. My mom leans across the bar & asks if they are football players or not. The bigger of 2 men, looks at my mom, smiles & says: No, we’re ping pong players. My mom & dad laughed it off & they ended up buying each other a few rounds before they parted ways. Fast forward through the vacation until my parents are back at home. Sitting on the couch watching Comedy Central, when all of a sudden this commercial comes on: “Hi, I’m LL Cool J, & you’re watching Comedy Central”. Both my parents spring up & shout, “that was the guy at the airport!”


My friend got to go to a test screening of Pulp Fiction years ago. When she came out, she saw “Jimmie” outside asking people what they thought. She recognized him from the scene he was in and proceeded to tell him that even though he only had a small part in it, he had talent and would someday make it big. He was really nice to her and thanked her for her kind words. Someone came up to him seconds later telling him it was the best movie he’d ever written/directed. That’s when she realized she had just met Quentin Tarantino.


I stopped at a gas station & was gassing up my bike. Another rider came in on the goofiest looking bike. We start chatting & he asks if I want to go riding with him up in the canyons. We go riding. Stop a few times & check out the view. This whole time I still hadn’t seen his face, neither of us had taken off our helmets. We were talking about getting lunch & he wanted to stop somewhere nice, so we stop at Nobu Sushi but it’s not open. Right as I said “well, where else do you want to go?” he says, “They’ll open it, trust me.”… he walks up to the door, takes off his helmet, & knocks. They couldn’t open the doors fast enough. We had 3 waiters, 3 sushi chefs, sat at the counter, & they handmade exactly what we wanted. The rider in question? Brad Pitt.


I met Jason Statham in the airport lounge waiting for a flight back to London from New York. We both went to McDonalds, bought the same thing and then walked over to the seats together and sat on the same bench. We were pretty early and there was a bit of ‘where are you off to?’ ‘why were you here?’ stuff, but I thought he was ridiculously hot, so couldn’t bring myself to talk to him properly. I blushed a lot and sort of stammered. I was 21 and still I failed, disappointingly. I didn’t know who he was until we were in the queue and the woman on the gate said ‘Have a nice flight Mr Statham’. It was just after the Italian Job came out, and I’d seen it, and I still didn’t recognise him. I wish that had gone really really differently.

Written by Alex Cogen

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