25 People Didn’t Realize They Were Talking To Someone Famous


I’m in the Northwest Lounge in the Amsterdam airport waiting for my flight back to the US. I’m deep in a text conversation with my SO. And we’re having a small disagreement about something that wasn’t important but felt so at the time, when I leaned my head back, closed my eyes, and sighed pretty loudly, followed by saying “women…” The guy sitting next to me goes “I hear you, man.” He asks if I want a drink, gets me one, returns, we end up spending the next hour discussing the finer points of relationships before we both shake hands, and depart to catch separate planes. It was 50 Cent.


About 5 years ago, I was working at an Apple Store and working the register. Back then, I had a lot of facial piercings, including 3 studs in my tongue. While ringing up a particular pervy customer (who kept asking insinuating questions during the transaction while I kept my cool), the guy abruptly grabs my walkie-talkie from the counter and sends out “MMM, Apple likes their girls freaky and with multiple tongue rings! YEAAHHH” and then slams it back onto the counter with a look of defiance. I hear it echo across every employee’s walkie throughout the store. My jaw dropped and I just handed him his receipt, speechless. As he walked off, another employee came up to me and said “WHOAH Ron Jeremy thinks you’re freaky!”


My brother worked at a Colorado ski resort for a couple winters in the mid-90s. Opening shop one day (some kind of grocery store or cafe, I’m not sure), he was stuck bringing the morning shipment into the store by himself. A friendly stranger saw him hauling in the huge stack of boxes and offered to help. Eventually, they got everything inside. The stranger declined my brother’s offer for coffee or breakfast. At some point during the box-hauling, the guy took off his hat and shades: it was Bill Murray. They shook hands, and he wandered off to go skiing for the day.


My uncle Mike was on a skilift with another guy, and they were chatting as it was a slow ride. Mike asks this guy what he does for a living, and the guy says, somewhat sheepishly, “Oh, I’m an actor.” So Mike says, “Oh, really?! Anything I would have seen?” So the guy looks at him for a minute and says, “Have you ever seen Starwars?” “Yeah, I have,” says my uncle. “Well,” the guy says smiling, “I played Luke Skywalker.” BAM! Mark Hamill.

Written by Alex Cogen

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