25 People Didn’t Realize They Were Talking To Someone Famous


My dad had a business trip to Indianapolis when I was about ten or so, & my parents decided to make it a family trip. This was at the same time they were hosting the NBA draft. We were eating breakfast with our mom in the hotel restaurant when this guy one table over starts cursing up a storm talking to his colleagues. Really vulgar curses too, not just the tame stuff. Well, my mom is a very forthright person who has no issues making herself clear to people, especially when she feels her children are being “harmed”. So she gets up, walks over to this table, and proceeds to give this guy a huge, loud, public dressing-down on his shameful behavior. Later that night we’re watching the draft and realize this guy was actually the commissioner of the NBA.


When I was six my grandmother and I sat next to Gene Hackman on a plane from LA to Seattle. I was six so I didn’t care, this was my first plane ride and we were going to see my dad! My grandma didn’t know who he was at all and they had a polite conversation. My dad about fainted when we got off the plane right behind Gene Hackman though


1997/98ish Summertime. I’m on the RER headed to Charles DeGaulle airport in Paris. Suave-looking dude is sitting across from me. Wearing a crumpled suit, no tie. I’m headed back from studying abroad, he looks like he is headed back to states after some partying. We chit chat about the length of the RER ride, how great Paris is, etc. Arrive to Metro stop, ride up the escalator together, grab coffee at little pit-stop-shop together, express departing pleasantries & go our separate ways. Fast forward about a week. I’m home just vegging on couch, watching CNN or whatever. My friend from the Metro is headline news, facing time for drugs or failure to drug test or some ridiculousness in a Hollywood gossip saga. Turns out if was Robert Downey Jr.


I live in NYC & went to get cupcakes at Magnolia with friends. The line is down the block. This cute girl is in line in front of us by herself, & my 2 guy friends start chatting her up. She’s very sweet & funny, talks with us for the entire wait. Just as we’re leaving, one of my friends asks if she wants to hang with us. She says no, she has to bring these to her boyfriend. Fast forward a little while later, I’m watching SNL with a few of those friends when that very first digital short came on, with Andy Samberg & Chris Parnell, Lazy Sunday. We laughed about the Magnolia reference, but didn’t get the McAdams/Gosling reference. We looked it up online & it was the chick in line in front of us. Rachel McAdams. I’m assuming the boyfriend in question was Ryan Gosling.

Written by Alex Cogen

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