25 People Didn’t Realize They Were Talking To Someone Famous


A camp counselor I worked with one summer had a full time job as a pool manager. She worked the early morning shift and she would chat with this guy that came in to swim. One day she asked what he did for a living and he said he was a singer/songwriter. It was Kenny Chesney. When we asked how she didn’t know who he was after he said he was a singer she said “It’s Nashville! Everyone’s a singer-songwriter!”


When I was 11 my parents had a friend over, older gentleman. He went to go pick his son up from the airport and came back. I might need to add that I was raised in an extremely traditional catholic household and had never seen anything other than Barney and Sesame Street. Anyway, this old guy comes back with his son. My parents are serving pie, I take a piece, eat it, shake both their hands after saying it was nice to meet them (really I just wanted to go to bed). Couldn’t figure out what the big fuss was when I told my friends that some guys named Hutton and Mel Gibson were at my house…


My uncle is a priest & is somewhat disconnected from popular culture. He was in Ghana at some point & was allowed to look around the prisons & buildings the slaves used to be kept in before being sent across the Atlantic, which is normally closed to the public. While he was looking around he met another guy in the prison & they started chatting & said a few prayers together. As he was leaving the guy invited him to dinner on the beach with his family. My uncle accepted & turned up & found the guy had a pretty impressive layout, but didn’t think anything of it, so had dinner, thanked him & left. Afterwards, while back at his hotel room he switched on the TV to the news & finds out that the man he just ate dinner with was Will Smith.


I am completely out of the loop on popular music and know no artists who got famous after 1998. Anyway, I’m on an elevator at a very nice hotel that I was staying at and a man with two very tall very well dressed women get on. Me: “Man, I suddenly feel really short … and really underdressed.” laughter. Guy: “Yo, man. I’m Drake.” Me: “Ooookay. I have a feeling I should know who you are but I don’t.” Guy: “Don’t worry, man, I don’t know who you are either.” I told the story the next day, thinking the guy was just some local rapper, and my younger employees proceeded to fill me in on just how stupid I am.


Staying at the Roosevelt Hotel in LA for a show. Lounging by the pool late in the afternoon and I’m gassed. A tall blonde woman approaches me, wearing a hat and sunglasses, sits down on the lounge next to me and proceeds to spend the next 2 hours asking everything about me, my life, etc. She was friendly, well spoken, very funny, easy going, and super flirty. Eventually some work folks appear at the bar and I excuse myself to go and meet them. She shakes my hand, tells me to return if I’d like to have dinner, and wishes me well. I approach my co-workers and they all have a dumbfounded look on their face as if I’ve waved off the Pope. I had no idea who it was. Paris Hilton, actually pretty cool.

Written by Alex Cogen

Alex is a New Yorker currently living in Austin. She loves cats, grass, and latex but unfortunately is allergic to all 3. She makes mom and dad jokes more than she cares to admit (jk she'll admit it loud and proud). She isn't as funny as she thinks she is. She is the founder of