These 25 Ruthless Teachers Embarrassed Their Students

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Going to school is already awkward as it is. Dealing with other kids, trying to balance a social life, and learning several different subjects all at once is a feat. How did we do it when we were younger? I can’t figure out how I got through my educational life, to be honest.

But at least teachers were there to help us out. Or at least some teachers were there to help. There’s a handful of teachers that are pretty f*cking awful and mean. Look, figuring out lesson plans is hard, dealing with children is even harder, but you don’t have to be an a**hole to students.

When you are a total a**hole, kids won’t forget it. It’s forever ingrained in their memory and the story will be recalled at dinner parties that have yet to come. Teachers are supposed to be one of the main reasons why going to school and learning is easier to bear. Hey teach, here’s a lesson: don’t be a douchebag to your students embarrass them in front of their peers, it’s not cool.

These 25 teachers were unapologetically ruthless to students:


To some Mexican students: “We have a few aliens in this class… turns to them I’m assuming you’re legal? You better be, or I’ll have you deported.”


Pointed out my obvious anorexia to the students by having me stand in front of the class and used me as an example for a definition. It was 5th grade most of those kids had no idea what was up.


We were pretty poor growing up and my mom would send us with pennies to pay for lunch. One day when I was about seven, the teacher who was helping to supervise my lunch period told the cashier not to take my pennies if it was to much of a hassle for her to count them very loudly so all of the kids in line behind me could hear. Still makes me want to throw up just thinking about it.


“There are successes and failures in life, and you, babies, are failures.” Because she assigned something we didn’t know about. She also called us “manipulative and immature and just plain rude” asking for an extension.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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