25 Signs Someone Is Incredibly Insecure

Image via Tenor
Image via Tenor

We all have insecurities. You don’t like your nose or your feet or the sound of your voice. It’s completely normal to have something you don’t love about yourself, and would change if you could.

But there is a difference between having minor insecurities and letting those insecurities run your life. People with major insecurities either go one of two ways: they either try and hide it and thus seclude themselves, or they become really obnoxious and annoying to compensate for their issues.

So what are the major signs that someone has major insecurities? Look out for these 25 things. People always show their cards, and it’s easy to tell when someone lets their insecurities take control of their lives. Hopefully they’ll work through their issues, but let’s just say dating people with crazy insecurities is THE WORST.

25 signs that someone is incredibly insecure:


When people tear down the road, engine revving, tires squealing. A f8cking loud ass after market muffler that makes it sound like your car ate three hundred spicy burritos and is having explosive farts its whole way down the road.


Constantly putting others down or downplaying their accomplishments is a sure sign of insecurity.


Anyone who quickly switches to aggressive mode. Someone questions what you said? Take it personally. Can’t argue your point? Shout over them. Another driver made a minor mistake? Better scream at them and ruin your day.


People who post a constant stream of selfies are probably looking for validation.


Codependency and always needing to be in a relationship.

Written by Alex Cogen

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