The 25 Worst Things That Have Been Inside People’s Bodies

Image via Tenor
Image via Tenor

You know what sucks? Getting foreign objects stuck inside your body. You are probably thinking this is about to turn super sexual, but it’s not, I swear! Although that post will be cuming soon…

But we’ve all been there. You lose things inside of you, or get some kind of gross sickness where worms are crawling up in you. Regardless of what it is, it isn’t pretty, and it sure as hell isn’t fun. Getting foreign objects stuck inside of you will NEVER be fun.

Well, these 25 people had gross things inside their bodies. From pieces of coral, to cockroaches, to toilet plungers, they had to endure some gross or painful things, and I would venture to say their lives aren’t better for it. There really aren’t all that many lessons to be learned from this. Well, except one: life gets nasty AF.

These 25 things have been inside peoples’ bodies:


Dirty toilet plunger (the stick end duh) in my ass in the basement of a weird druggie dance bar in Prague in 2004. I’m a girl, I was fooling around with a boy in this dirty bathroom, and yes involving the plunger was his idea. And obviously, yes, I was on a LOT of drugs. Super lucky that I didn’t get any kind of weird infection or disease…


Piece of coral embedded in my shin for nearly a decade. Bounced across a reef when surfing. The cuts and scrapes weren’t too bad but the one on my shin never healed right and it turned into sea ulcers. One day I was in the shower and felt something sharp around the scar tissue. I pulled out a small lump of coral reef with tweezers.


I was camping and took a piss in the middle of the night. The head lamp attracted a moth that flew into my ear canal. After trying and failing to remove it, I fell asleep to the “thwop thwop thwop” sound of the moth. When I woke up I could no longer hear the noise. I hope he got out ok.


Giardia. Nasty parasite that causes the most insanely gross smelling diarhea, nausea, stomach cramps and in my case a fever so high it nearly killed me. I spent several days in a hospital while I was on vacation getting ice baths all day to keep my brain from burning out. at one point my fever hit 106, while being treated. I only remember the first day of being sick. After that its a 3 week blank spot in my memory. apparently I was hallucinating and throwing anything within reach whenever doctors tried to come near me.


I’ve been stabbed twice so I’d have to say knives.

Written by Alex Cogen

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