27 Adults Admit Their Biggest Regrets From When They Were Teens

Image via Odyssey
Image via Odyssey

Being a teenager is rough. You are figuring out life and what kind of person you are, or want to be. The hormones are HELLA REAL and you are young, yet stuck making decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life.

It’s impossible to go through your teen years without doing something you’ll regret. Maybe you date pieces of sh*t, or you don’t date anyone. Or you spend your whole time studying and not partying, or you party too much and your grades suffer. There are so many things that could go wrong as a teenager, it’s inevitable.

The following 27 adults look back and admit their biggest regrets from their teen years. From trying too hard to be popular to growing up too fast, these adults wish they could go back and do things right this time (LOL NO THEY DON’T NO ONE WANTS TO BE A TEEN AGAIN F*CK THAT). Time to live with our mistakes, and just teach our kids not to be sh*theads like we were.

These 27 adults admit their biggest regrets from their teen years:


I was in a rush to be an adult. When your a teen you’re kid. Just live it up! It’s the best time of your life where you are expected to do some odd and adventurous stuff.


Not telling my middle/high school crush I liked her. She would flirt with me, due to my zero self respect at the time I assumed it to be making fun of me by flirting with me in front of her friends. But she’d continue the joke when it was just the two of us. Giving/asking for hugs and playing with my hair. I will always be left to wonder if she just flirted with me as some sort of weird/cruel joke or if she actually liked me.


I spent so much time “waiting for something to happen.” Like sitting on some steps outside of a house waiting for something to happen. Hanging out with people I did not really like waiting for something to happen. I feel like so much time was wasted waiting for something to happen, instead of doing something or “making things happen.”


It was one great big social experiment and I didn’t know it. I should have loosened up and been much more adventurous.

Written by Alex Cogen

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