27 Adults Admit Their Biggest Regrets From When They Were Teens


I told my parents my brother had been molesting me for 6 years, and they didn’t believe me. My regret is that as soon as I moved out I didnt cut ties with them and shut them out of my life forever. I am trying to mend things now and a part of my realizes I will never really forgive them for turning their back on me and neglecting me 99% of my childhood.


Didn’t save money.


That I didn’t get braces. I was so adamant that I didn’t need or want them because they didn’t look good. So many people had braces, it wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought it was. Braces look a lot worse when you’re in your 40s, believe me.


I kind of missed my teen years. I was working 20+ hours a week from 14 on. Never really just hung out with people…Never did anything. School, work, sleep, rinse repeat. Started working full time at 18…I had a day job, and then, to be “social” I waited tables and (later) tended bar at night. That was my idea of a SOCIAL LIFE. It was a long time before I felt secure enough to not work…By then it was a little weird to be learning how to just hang out and do nothing.


Not standing up to my parents with a lot of important issues that affected my future. I knew in my heart that they were making poor decisions for me, but didn’t know how I could change it. I was just a kid.

Written by Alex Cogen

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