These 27 Hilarious People Wrote Their Own Obituaries

When someone we know or love passes on, we often find ourselves in a glass box of emotions. We are left to cope with the five stages of grief and finding ways to help ourselves heal. However, just because someone leaves this strange Earth, doesn’t mean they didn’t leave behind some great shared experiences, and or hilarious jokes.

Death is meant to be a serious thing, right? What if in taking your death seriously, it gave you one last chance to squeeze in your best joke, give some sound advice, or tell everyone just how you felt about them. One final platform that reminds everyone just how glorious your living days were.

If nothing else, leaving behind some funny final words can help soften the blow for those you loved. Or provide entertainment for any stranger to cross your obituary in the local paper. Either way, it’s a great way to ensure your name lives on light heartedly.

These 27 Hilarious People Wrote Their Own Obituaries: