27 People Confess The Dirty Little Secret Their Employer Is Hiding From Their Customers

Everyone has a secret. Usually it’s self serving, and you’re keeping this secret to save face or possibly keep someone from getting hurt. But have you ever kept a secret for someone else?

Or, have you ever kept a secret from your customers? Maybe not fully a secret, but kept information that you know would benefit someone else. Perhaps you’re sworn to secrecy, or you’re afraid this information could lead to a sh*t storm. But don’t you think your customer has the right to know this valuable information?

The following 27 employees broke down and confessed (to the internet) the secrets of their job that could definitely benefit their customers. From ways to save money, to things that should be avoided, these people are sticking their necks out to help you peeps out.

So please, take note of the following information. Seriously, a lot of this is hella beneficial. Now BRB, I’m gonna go throw out all my cheap sex toys and change my apartment locks.

These 27 employees confess the secrets of their job that you as the customer should know:






Written by Alex Cogen

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