27 People Confess The Silliest Reason Why They’ve Had To Stop In The Middle Of Sex


Her dog kept trying to lick my butthole.


Was in her bed for the first time. The sides of her bed frame rose up and were on the same level as the bed. Flash to love making, I’m half standing going to town, when I reposition my foot on the covers. Turns out that was actually the frame, and I slip, fall off the bed and slam my head on the wall. I didn’t get a nut, but I did get a concussion.


Wife finished and was waiting for me to finish. Heat of the moment and close to finishing she looks at me and says “you can do it buddy.” That was the end of it and was like a deflated balloon how fast it went down. Still joke about it…..outside of the bedroom of course.


Wife was pregnant, baby kicked me in the stomach. She thought it was hilarious, me not so much.


It started to burn….really bad. Turns out my boyfriend at the time hadn’t washed his hands after we had made jalapeno poppers earlier that night. It was an inferno down there.

Written by Laura McNairy

Laura is a freelance writer for TFLN. She likes to write about what she knows best — dating, sex, and being awkward, but usually in the opposite order. She is the Assistant Editor and videographer for Peach Fuzz, a sex-positive nudie magazine in ATX.