27 People Had to Explain Ridiculously Simple Things to Idiots

Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

Has anyone ever asked you a question that was SOOOOO STUPID that you genuinely thought they were kidding? We’ve all been there, right? There are a lot of stupid people out there in the world, that we’ve all inevitably been through this situation. Heck, in middle school, my friend asked me if there were birds in Florida. DA FUQ (sorry if you’re reading this, you know who you are).

So you take a moment to process what just happened, and then try your darndest to explain, in the simplest way, something that these people should have learned years ago. Seriously… how can some people be so dumb? The following 27 people will make you wonder.

You see, these GROWN ASS ADULT IDIOTS thought the most unreal things. An American man thought New Mexico was part of Mexico, not the US. An adult woman didn’t know that ice cubes were frozen water. SERIOUSLY. I can’t make this shit up, it’s just too insane.

These 27 people had to explain simple to thinks to REALLY dumb people:


A woman insisted that a virus was downloading porn on her son’s computer. I kept trying to explain that the problem was most likely not a virus, but eventually I decided to save her child’s ass by saying that there was a virus.


I had to explain to a fifty year old woman how fractions work. She was insistent that 1/4 had to be larger than 1/3 because 4 is bigger than 3.


I had to explain to my girlfriend that driving to Alaska was possible. She was blown away and said “On all the maps it shows Alaska as an Island!” And yes, she will never live this down.


My brother in law had a pine tree removed from his backyard and asked the family to help bundle up what was left behind. I commented on how sticky the sap was on the cut branches and he suggested that we start collecting the sap to make maple syrup. I had to explain to a 40 year old man that maple syrup comes from maple trees… not pine trees…

Written by Alex Cogen

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