27 People Share the Most Ridiculous Things They Believed as Kids

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My mom used to tell me the most ridiculous stories to try and get me to stop doing things she didn’t want me to do. I believed her, always. Is that a thing that parents just like to do? They must enjoy scaring the sh*t out of their children in order to get them to cooperate. I specifically remember my mom telling me that mosquito babies would grow out of my mosquito bites, just so I’d stop constantly scratching.

Kids are pretty gullible and will believe mostly anything they’re told. I’ve learned that it can be pretty hard to convince them that Santa Claus isn’t real (it took me until junior high to stop putting out milk and cookies). Kids say and believe the funniest things.

When we grow up, the little white lies our parents told us come to light and we think, “How the f*ck did I believe that bullsh*t for so long?!” Don’t hold it against yourself, you were a kid and your elders needed to entertain themselves somehow, even though it was probably at your expense.

These 27 people admit these ridiculous they believed as kids:


My mom told me that if I had eaten watermelon seeds, that one would start growing in my belly.


When I was 14 one of my coworkers at a metal shop told me to be careful taking a piss, because the aluminum oxide dust on the pipes we were working on would make my d*ck shrink. You better believe I was f*cking careful. Washed my hands like a damn surgeon.


When I was about five, my parents told me that a family friend of theirs was poor. I took that to mean they ate out of the trash. I began putting two liter bottles of soda and sandwiches straight into the garbage, hoping that they would find them.


I thought concrete cinderblocks were legos for adults.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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