27 People Share Their Most Shallow Deal Breakers

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The beginning of a relationship is always the fun part: you get to know this new person, all their cute and quirky habits, and stay up until the wee hours of the morning talking to each other. You discover that adorable, little birthmark on their thigh that they hate and they realize that you actually despise horror movies but only watch them because that’s their favorite genre.

Then the relationship progresses and you find out more quirks about each other that you don’t necessarily like but can get past because the feelings you’ve developed outweigh the shallowness disliking these habits. It’s called compromise and relationships essentially grow from this.

What happens when you find something that you can’t get over, though? What if they’re the type of person that’s rude to servers and also chews with their mouth wide open, like a cow? It would take all of my patience to sit through the rest of the meal with a person like that, to be honest. Or what if they replied to your text message saying, “KewL c U L8r!” In all seriousness, dump that person right away, especially if they can’t string together a sentence with proper grammar.

These 27 people share their most shallow deal breakers they couldn’t get over:


My friend broke off a 6 month relationship because the girl had bingo wings (loose arm skin)


She clapped to music at a concert way off the beat.


My best friend wanted to set me up with her friend. She told me all about her, and she sounded magnificent. Then she showed me a photo. She was cute. But she had a chin dimple. A really really pronounced chin dimple. I felt like a shallow a**hole, but dammit, I find them quite unattractive.


An ugly laugh.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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