These 25 People Took Drugs and Destroyed Their Lives

Image via Tumblr
Image via Tumblr

Sometimes drugs are fun. They take you to another place and make you feel things you’ve never experienced. But for every decent experience on drugs, there are a million shitty experiences, and the potential for your life to be ruined forever.

If you’ve done any type of drugs, even if you’re not addicted, there’s no doubt you’ve had a horrible experience. You did something stupid or saw something that still haunts you to this day. Hypothetically, if I had ever done drugs before, I’d say that crying on the subway asking people to me my friend would be one of the lowest points of my life. I SAID HYPOTHETICALLY MOM.

If you need a reason to stop doing drugs, read the following 25 accounts. Drugs either destroyed their lives forever, or they had such a bad experience, that you just take warning.

These 25 people took drugs and destroyed their lives:


Pulled over onto the side of the road to huff some Duster. Passed out and had forgotten to put the car into park. Car then proceeded to roll into a very steep ditch and was stopped by a fence post. Fence post probably saved my life because on the other side was a lake.


I was addicted to cocaine, crank & crystal meth for 23 years. My last bender lasted 3 month went M.I.A. from my family. Probably spent 20k in all. At 1 point I was awake for 9 straight days. Pus coming out of left tear duct & these phenomenally insane hallucinations, visual & auditory. The creepiest hallucination sounded like a choir of children maniacally laughing for 3 straight days. Lost 38 lbs. Went to a rehab & this last rehab everything clicked & my life has been completely different. Sober for 3 years now. Used drugs for almost 30 years overall. I have seen almost every bad thing 1 human can do to another. People murdered (shot,stabbed,beaten), od’s, assaults, brain matter, bone, ruptured eyeball, ear torn off, tip of a nose bitten off..just horrendous shit. Life is good now. I am content and happy. An absolute zero desire to ever use drugs again.


My friend called me to tell me he thought he had a drug problem. We all knew, but I asked him why he came to that realization. It was because he ran out of veins and shot heroin in his penis vein.


I took one tab of acid. Later took sleeping pills to help me sleep & come down. Apparently, sleeping pills mixed with acid is not a great combo. Ended up tripping for 5 full days & was psychotic for most of it. Called my mother & told her every secret I ever had. She & my Dad took me to the hospital, where I begged her to please just let me die so it could be over already. It took 3 people to hold me down to give me geodon. After a few days (of which I was still tripping) I was transferred to a psychiatric hospital. It was the most terrifying experience of my life, & it took months to get back to being relatively normal. I’m still not the same person. Even now, two years later, I have flashbacks where it feels like one long trip that never ended. Honestly I’m tired and I doubt anyone will be interested so I left out most of the details, but it fucking sucked.


Went out & a guy I didn’t know well tagged along. We smoked some pot before we rolled into the club. The place was packed elbow to elbow & we grabbed a free table & ordered beers. The new guy wasn’t with us. Minutes drag by & we don’t see him; I start to worry. After 30 minutes. I get up & walk around looking for him & find him sitting at the end of the crowded bar, alone. I ask him what he’s doing & he looks at me with tears in his eyes & says “I’m dead.” “What?” “I’m dead. I’ve been sitting here for hours & no one will talk to me. I asked the bartender 3 times for a beer & he didn’t even look at me. People can’t see me. Because I’m dead.” “Dude, I can see you, right? We’re talking now, yeah? I don’t think you’re dead. Here, I’ll get you a beer, & then we’ll go back to the table everyone’s at.” I yelled at the bartender & paid for a beer, steered my new buddy back to our table.

Written by Alex Cogen

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