These 27 People Are Winning at Summer

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Countdown until finals are over. Countdown until that spring internship is done. Countdown until all the paper work is filed at your boring desk job. Countdown until you can get away from your parents, siblings, and annoying coworkers. Countdown until the best time of year: summer f*cking break.

Summer: the magical time of year over the course of three months filled with debauchery, endless parties, and some nights you probably can’t remember. And some that you probably want to forget, to be honest. Either way, everyone looks forward to the coveted summer break (if you don’t you’re not human, so get outta here).

Whether your plans consist of traveling across the globe or wreaking havoc in your hometown, there’s no doubt that there’ll be a ridiculous amount of fun wherever you go. I mean, it’s THREE f*cking months to check a bunch of sh*t you’ve been wanting to do off your bucket list, so might as well make the time worth it, right? These following 27 people are making the most of summer break and winning at life.

These 27 People Are Winning at Summer


(608): The only thing worse than cracking my rib on a slip and slide was having the doctors laugh when they found out in my medical history that I did this exact same thing last summer.


(917): i think i am going to devote my summer to making my cats internet celebrities


(205): i just realized why god gave us younger siblings…to DD for us when we come home for the summers


(248): Being back home for the summer opens up so many opportunities to have sex without increasing my number


(732): just woke up face down in my kitchen covered in cheetos. my mom just stepped over me to get to the coffee maker. hello summer

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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