27 Women Share the Craziest Things They’ve Done to Guys Who Couldn’t Take the Hint

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Getting hit on is pretty cool, right ladies? But some times, some guys can’t take the f*cking hint and it get a little out of hand. What do women do then? There’s a couple options: try to to turn them down lightly, keep trying to turn them down if they can’t take the hint, and then turn it up a couple notches if they’re still persistent.

Some guys are complete jerks and cannot get it through their thick skull that a woman isn’t interested. Unfortunately, a lot of women don’t know how to react to them and these jerkoffs think it’s okay to keep doing what they’re doing. Guys, don’t ever be THAT guy.

You know what I’m talking about, guys. Men can go zero to a hundred real quick and tend to think with their other “head” and that’s unfortunate for all parties involved. Some times, the fairer sex needs to go to extreme lengths when guys can’t take the hint. Ladies, we often find ourselves keeping guys in line because let’s be honest, who run the world? GIRLS.

These 27 women share the craziest thing they’ve done to guys that couldn’t take the hint:


During university, I had cut my hand during dinner preparations one night, before going out with friends. I bandaged it up and continued on. Much later, at a bar, drunk me had decided that the bandage was stupid (because drunk logic), so I had taken it off. Also, some guy would not leave me alone. He was really harassing me, when I had a great idea: I asked him “Do you want to see something?” Him, being the idiot horndog he was, probably thought “OMG BOOBIES!!!” I showed him the gash, and used a finger to open it, then close it again a bunch of times, while saying “OPEN! CLOSE!” in an enthusiastic voice. He looked slightly nauseated and went away, and the bartender called me awesome and gave me a free beer.


I was a naive teenager and this guy said he liked me and invited me back to his place. We were in the sitting room and he was overly touchy and feely and kept saying he wanted me, this made me very uncomfortable. I stood up but I think he misunderstood it for consent so he started pushing me towards the bedroom. I kept saying no but he wouldn’t listen. He lived on this small apartment where the bedroom was just past the kitchen so as he was pulling me, I used my left hand to grab a knife off the table top, pointed it to his face and told him to back off. I will never forget how scared he looked at me after that.


In my first year of university I hauled a guy out of my dorm by his ear, like a mother would to a toddler, because he wouldn’t get out of my room. I pulled so hard his ear bled. He had been following me around all evening and at the end of the night forced entry into my room and wouldn’t leave despite me telling him to get out. So I grabbed him by his ear and threw him out, slamming the door as quickly as I could.


I got out of a cab when he was stopped at a red light. He kept asking me for my number, made me take his number and repeat it to him, tried to force me to call his number from my phone. Asked me where I lived, where I worked, said that, “we can be friends, right? We should be friends.” Insisted I should call him if anyone ever threatens to hurt me (??). I tried to call someone on my phone so he would stop speaking to me but he just kept asking me to hang up so at a red light I left him a ten and got out of the car. He followed me in the cab for a block or so, so I went into a bank and he drove away.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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