30 Tinder Pickup Lines That Are So Wrong, They’re Almost Right

By now, it should be very clear to all involved that Tinder is best utilized for hook ups, trolling and the occasional (OK, frequent) sext.

What should also be clear is that Tinder, under no circumstances, is an app meant to instill any kind of hope in the human race. Take, for example, the humans behind this fine collection of messages. Their bizarre and morbid conversation starters probably won’t be getting them any dates any time soon, but in between the come ons and jokes, these romantic hopefuls—or straight-up trolls—can actually be a little bit (dare we say it?) charming.
So yeah. Maybe these guys are a little (or a lot) weird. But at least they made you smile? Maybe? Just a smirk?

Here are 30 examples of the worst (best?) ways to use Tinder.










Written by Mary McCaw

Mary is a freelance writer and editor. She's based in San Francisco, but lately, home is wherever her suitcase is. If you really are what you eat, she is at least 50% pizza.