The 33 Worst Things Men Have Said While Hitting On Women

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Image via Giphy

In the name of hitting on women, men have said some pretty dumb things. But when you think dumb, you think of shitty pickup lines like “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” among other classics. Sure, they’re cliche, and annoying, but they’re not a complete deal breaker (if used ironically, of course).

But you know what kind of lines are deal breakers? The completely sexist, degrading, and insulting ones. If you’re a lady, there’s is no doubt in my mind that you’ve experienced a dude hitting on you, and walked away feeling completely degraded and enraged.

It’s sad that we live in a world where men feel they can actually say horribly sexist and awful things to women. Guys telling women to smile more or expecting sex for buying them one freaking (possible roofied) drink. It’s horrible, and it’s shameful.

So if you’ve heard any of the following 33 lines, I’m so sorry. It sucks, and it’s unfair that we have to hear this stuff on the reg. And guys.. please, just, don’t EVER say sh*t like this to women. We aren’t objects, we’re not alive for your amusement, and we’re definitely not gonna f*ck you after you say super degrading things.

These are 33 of the worst things men have said while hitting on women:


A bartender I worked with had a kid and was single, and a guy asked her if he could “eat her out while rubbing Shea butter over her stretch marks.”


A guy told me he was done going out with attractive women and now just wanted to date someone nice instead. Thanks buddy.


This dude walked up to me at a bar and told me I should smile more. After telling him he shouldn’t say that to women, he proceeded to say “you’re Jewish, aren’t you? I see you trying to hide those Jew curls. Don’t worry, I like Jews.”


“I’ve never f*cked a redhead before.” – guy who did not f*ck me.

Written by Alex Cogen

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