35 Small Things You Noticed In A Person That Made You Lose Interest

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Dating and relationships take a lot of work and patience. You are getting to know someone, and coming to terms with their personality and lifestyle. But there comes a time when you start to notice their flaws, as well as all of their attributes.

Some flaws are pretty major. Perhaps your date has a horrible political stance or they are racist or homophobic. It's pretty clear that that person SUCKS and you should no longer date them. But some flaws are pretty minor, and can just be considered a matter of opinion. Something that you consider a deal breaker might be something that someone else can easily overlook, or is maybe even attracted to.

The following 35 people noticed something in a person they were dating and immediately lost interest. And these weren't huge obnoxious things, but small minor things that many people would easily overlook, or just not care about. But if something bothers you THAT much, definitely run for the hills, because there's no changing people.

These 35 people noticed small things in someone and immediately lost interest:


I dated a girl who straight up smelled like pancakes. I dunno if it was her perfume or her natural scent but it smelt just like pancakes. It took three dates before I cut it off. Couldn't handle it. Told her I was going away for school.


I once almost dated a woman with my Mom's first name. I couldn't go through with it.


One upping everything, even negative points. “If you were bitten by a dog, then I was mauled by a bear” kind of stuff.


I used to date a guy who would constantly talk to me about his weight, and how fat/ugly/weird he was. I thought he was fantastic! And I'd tell him so. But after a while I felt like my validation and comfort was something he'd fish for instead of having actual problems with himself, and I felt a little turned off by that.

Written by Alex Cogen

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