37 Photos of Pets in Costumes to Get You Stoked For Halloween

Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

Is there anything cuter than animals? NO, OF COURSE THERE ISN’T! But is there a way to make animals cuter? Uh, duh. How you ask? Dress them up in cute outfits, of course!

And what better time to dress your pets in cute outfits than on Halloween? It’s not only the best time of year for you to don your craziest costume, but for your pet as well. And don’t just stop at one outfit, Halloween last a whole week in my book.

So take some inspiration from the following 37 animals. They look hella cute, and you should definitely take note of their cute AF outfits. Don’t have a pet? No worries! Just look at these pictures to enjoy the cuteness overload, and heck, maybe get inspiration for your own costume.

These 37 animals in costumes should get you pumped for Halloween:


Is that Beetlejuice? Oh no, it’s a pupper! Seriously, this outfit could have fooled me. Adding those eye circles took this costume above and beyond.


Seriously, this lil guy is better than most Ballerinas I’ve ever seen. Look at that tutu! That form! That grace! That beauty! It’s like Natalie Portman performing the white swan.


This llama isn’t f*cking around when it comes to her wedding. She’s got that Kate Middleton gown and some serious bling. But nothing beats that zero f*cks look on her face. We might have a Runaway Bride scenario on our hands.


It’s Leviooooosa not Leviosahhhhh. This pupper’s got her wand at the ready, and will put a spell on your.. with that cute AF costume!


So this costume is harder for me to figure out. Are you a pup detective? A fisherman sans fishing pole? DOES ANYONE HAVE THE ANSWER FOR ME?! Regardless, you cute boo.


Okay, is this lil lady dressed up for Halloween or NY Fashion week? She could run circles around me in the style department, that’s for sure. And she’s really selling the whole thing by standing like a little human.

Written by Alex Cogen

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