63 Times Twitter Proved That No One Knows How to Flirt Anymore

Image via Make a Gif
Image via Make a Gif

Living in the digital age has its perks. Between Netflix, Uber, Tinder, and Seamless (to name just a few) there’s almost nothing you can’t do from behind a screen.

But going through life with your smartphone glued to your hand also has its fair share of hazards.

You could, say, walk into a busy intersection while texting. Or, you could get chomped on by a great white while posing for a selfie. You might even wake up in a stolen cop car, covered in goat blood, with no memory of the previous night, all because your wifi went out and you were so distressed, you went on a rampage. And now you have to make a case for temporary insanity. (It could happen).

And then there’s your run-of-the-mill, perfectly ordinary fear of dying alone. It’s not new, but sadly, your screen addiction is making it much worse. Technology use goes up, real-life communication skills go down. The correlation is pretty cut and dry.

Ironically, you’re far from alone, and these tweets prove it.

Here are 63 times the #MyIdeaOfFlirting hashtag made us wonder if romance is really, truly dead.

A tiny percentage were actually pretty smooth…








Written by Mary McCaw

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