41 Baby Animal GIFs To Get You Through The Work Week

Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

How is your week going so far? Just alright? Complete sh*t? Does your job suck? Is your SO being a POS? Dang, sorry, we feel for you. If only there was some way we could help..

Oh wait, there is! You see, we realize that the best cure for over-all unpleasantness is a cute GIF of a cute little baby animal. Sure, all animals are cute, but there’s nothing quite as cute as a miniature/new to the world version.

So take some time out of your sh*tty day to check out the following 41 baby animal GIFs. We promise, they’re not only adorable, but these clumsy little bbs will make you LOL. PSA if you die from cuteness overload, it’s not our fault, and TFLN is not responsible. But move forward at your own risk.

Here are 41 of the cutest baby animal GIFs on the internet to get you through the week:




OMG bb Bambi wiggling it’s wittle ears!





Written by Alex Cogen

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