7 Iconic Films – And The Drinking Games You Should Play When You Watch Them

4. Forrest Gump

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The Premise: Though he has far below-average intelligence, Forrest Gump grows up to live a badass, totally insane life. Everyone is secretly jealous. Forrest is bummed because he does it all to win over his true love, Jenny, but she has a boatload of problems of her own that get in the way.

The Game: Drink at any mention of the names Forrest, Mama, Jenny, and Bubba. Take a shot anytime anyone says the lines “life is like a box of chocolates” or “run, Forrest, run”.


5. Zoolander

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The Premise: Just a male model trying to make it in the world. He may be really, really ridiculously good looking, but he also happens to be a human weapon who’s been subliminally manipulated into killing the Malaysian prime minister. Yikes.

The Game: Drink when you can’t tell whether Derek is doing ‘Magnum’ or ‘Blue Steel’. Also, anytime he mispronounces a word or says “really really”.

Written by Mary McCaw

Mary is a freelance writer and editor. She's based in San Francisco, but lately, home is wherever her suitcase is. If you really are what you eat, she is at least 50% pizza.