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9 Pickup Lines That Should’ve Never Seen The Light of Day

There’s an old adage that says, “First impressions are everything.” Granted, online dating doesn’t provide much opportunity for such impressions to be planned, or intentional, in any way; all you’ve really got to rely on is your social media presence and your Tinder profile. Often not a pretty sight, are we right?

This does not excuse you from the game of first impressions. On the contrary, it makes them that much more important. It all comes down to the first breach of anonymity: the text message. Though you still haven’t met in person and might not for some time, listen up! This text is everything. Take note of what not to do from these nine major fails.

(Seriously, for the sake of your love life: Stay away.)

1. We love honesty, but this is just a little too far.

2. Ummmm, no. Just no.

3. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and move on.

4. Points for creativity, Zach.

5. Too much too soon.

6. Creepy ain’t cute.

7. See you never.

8. So actually we think this one is adorable. We’ll take it.

9. Anddd, voila! Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Written by Jane Hervey

managing editor at TFLN