25 Times Anthony Bourdain Was A Big F*cking Mood

12. The time he clapped back at a troll upset he’d voiced his political opinions:

11. The time he shut down Clickbait Factories:

Sorry Tony. It’s my job 🙁

10. And again:

9. The time…

8. The time he roasted Jared Kushner:

7. The time he shamed everyone complicit in Harvey Weinstein’s crimes:

6. Like Morrissey:

5. The time he was totally over royals and everything having to do with them:


4. With one exception, of course:

3. The time he deemed a painfully Hollywood-pandering ’70s-themed restaurant called “Vnyl” a “Douche Apocalypse:”

Which probably doomed it before it even opened its doors, but, hey, seems like it was never meant to be in the first place.

2. Aaaaand also the time he roasted Ted Cruz…again:

1. The time he genuinely thanked his friends and foes:

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