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  • 17 Tweets Proving Love Still Exists

    It’s easy to feel down and out. To look at the mess we’ve collectively gotten ourselves in (Donald Trump is president! We’ve killed off over half the world’s wildlife and orangutans may soon be extinct! ORANGUTANS! Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court! People out here are painting their teeth!) and to lose faith […] More

  • 21 Tweets That Prove White People Do Have Culture, Thank You Very Much

    If you’re A) white and B) in any way even remotely upset or angered by this list, you’re part of the problem??? 21. “White people have no culture” Ok, explain how we all snapchat ourselves when God’s Plan by Drake starts playing — Julian Rowan (@jules_rowan) March 29, 2018 20. if white people have no […] More

  • People Are Sharing Their Worst-Ever Proposal Stories

    Who doesn’t love a proposal story? Good or bad, they are a fascinating read. Earlier this week, Reddit user Champagne_tatertots asked, “What’s the worst marriage proposal story you’ve ever heard?” The answers spanned a wide, wide range of bad-but-cute to awkward to second-hand-cyber-cringe. Sometimes, a “worst marriage proposal” can be fodder for cute stories to […] More

  • 21 Tweets For People Who Watch Way More HGTV Than They Should

    If you’ve ever watched one show on HGTV, you’ve (probably inadvertently) watched them all. Though formulaic, they are addicting in a guilty-pleasure that-tile-is-hideous sort of way. Who doesn’t love judging (rich) strangers‘ living choices, or wondering whether that house will flip (they did redo the bathroom!) or flop (still ugly though)? 21. 20. 19. 18. 17. […] More

  • 21 Tweets For Writers To Read When They Should Be Writing Instead

    Happy National Novel Writing Month! As any writer knows, writing is always an enjoyable and incredibly easy thing to do! Certainly, writers never spend any time worrying about how they should be writing instead of browsing the Internet. Writing is not torturous or thankless, even a tiny bit! Ha ha. 1. Me, in theory: Avoid info dumps!Me, […] More

  • 37 Memes About ‘Haunting Of Hill House’ That Go So Freakin’ Hard

    Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House is the spooky binge-friendly show du jour. Who can resist a good ole-fashioned ghost story about an evil house? Nobody. Which is how it  rapidly became a cult favorite among (what I assume to be predominantly?) millennials. And, as we all know, millennials show their appreciation via memes. 37. 36. […] More

  • 45 Of The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes From 2018

    Celebrities are better and richer than us, and so have far more time and money to pour into thoughtful and impressive halloween costumes. Anybody who has ever laid eyes on a Heidi Klum production knows what I’m talking about. Besides the fact that Halloween lands on a Wednesday this year, gifting us not one but two spooky, costume-clad […] More

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