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17 Idiots Anonymously Confess Why They Won’t Get Their Kids Vaccinated

The simple fact that an entire anti-vaxx movement exists is utterly dumbfounding. Despite decades of medical research and undisputed scientific proof that vaccines save lives, there are still people out there who truly believe getting their child vaccinated will lead to severe disabilities.

In the early 2000s, Jenny McCarthy famously claimed her own son developed Autism as a result of vaccines which only furthered the baseless notion that these medicines do more harm than good. The sad thing is that while people maintain it’s a personal choice whether or not to vaccinate their kids, it affects all of us and is without a doubt a serious global issue.

Each of these parents anonymously confessed their reasons for not vaccinating and their idiotic arguments will make you seriously concerned for the human race.

1. This parent needs to read actual research, not debunked fake science.

2. This parent might want to reconsider the pain her kid would feel if they got the measles.

3. This parent should seek further medical advice, but we can almost understand her reasoning.

4. Someone, please give this person a damn textbook.

5. Yes, because diseases are merely trends, not deadly illnesses.

6. Ignorance runs deep, my friends.

7. Yes, because if it’s on the internet it must be true.

8. Do you honestly think doctors create vaccines just for fun?

9. People can also get seriously ill from the measles and die so…

10. By all means, do your research, but make sure it’s from the right source.