15+ Pictures That Only Make Sense If You’re A Total A**hole

Sometimes you look at a picture, and you have no idea what’s going on. You’re given no context, and you’re left sitting there sort of stumped.

But you happen to be one of those people who needs to know. You saw it, and now you won’t rest until you get it. We’re here to help you, you curious son of a gun! The following pictures won’t make any sense to you, which is why we’ve taken the time to explain them to you.

Unless you’re an a**hole. Then you’ll instantly understand what’s going on.

19. Most people would have no idea what they’re even looking at here, but a-holes know that sometimes, it’s imperative to send some emails in the middle of a movie:

18. Only the truest of a-holes will understand that blocking another passenger’s TV screen with your hair is both fun and comfortable:

17. An a-hole always knows: convenience triumphs over cleanliness or basic respect every time.

16. “Plane etiquette? Never heard of it” – an a**hole.

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15. Given the choice of what to lock to, an a-hole will prioritize a bike over a pole. Always.

14. To most people this might look like a pan full of tater tots shoved into the fridge, but a**holes know it’s just how you store leftovers when you have roommates.

13. An a-hole, upon rolling up to a car wash and seeing it is occupied, knows that protocol requires him to instantly get out of his vehicle and impatiently cross his arms while staring daggers into the car washers’ back:

12. All a-holes know that driving slow in the fast lane is the best way to cause dozens of people mass frustration:

11. To some, this looks like a photo of a woman taking advantage of a self-checkout lane in a store. But a**holes know that disregarding the 20 items or less sign is a nice and fun shortcut nobody will call them out on!

10. Just a line of people, staring at a building? WRONG! A line of people ensuring nobody else can see what’s going on: