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  • Pete Davidson On Kanye West’s ‘SNL’ Rant: Mental Illness ‘Is Not An Excuse To Act Like A Jacka**’

    A week after Kanye West went on a bizarre rant just when Saturday Night Live was going off the air, praising Donald Trump and ripping the show on which he’d just performed, Pete Davidson had quite a response on Weekend Update. Davidson, who’s long riffed on his own mental issues and who made a big splash this summer thanks to his relationship with Ariana Grande, […] More

  • Bette Midler Apologizes For Tweeting ‘Women Are The N-Word Of The World’

    On Thursday night, many people discovered that Bette Midler trending on Twitter in October was unfortunately not Hocus Pocus-related. Midler tweeted out “Women, are the n-word of the world,” and then went on to detail how women are silenced and disrespected. It’s a dated view on feminism, and to many, it was the epitome of white feminism […] More

  • Video Captures Every ‘Alright’ Matthew McConaughey Has Said On Film

    How many times has Matthew McConaughey said: “alright”? We first heard it in the 1993 film Dazed and Confused—one of the McConaughey’s first roles—and we continued to hear it over the actor’s long career. We’ll probably hear him say “alright” many more times in the future. One YouTuber, Owenergy, uploaded an impressive compilation of every time McConaughey […] More

  • 23 Couples Costumes For Last-Minute Halloween Plans

    Whether it’s your best friend or significant other, getting into character for Halloween is always more fun with your partner in crime. Between the thousands of options for Halloween costumes, deciding on what to wear could become a time-consuming effort. And time is the last thing you have right now. Fortunately, there’s Amazon Prime. If you’re […] More

  • Hairstylist Loses Job After Viral Video Shows Him Kicking Anti-Abortion Protester

    A Toronto hairstylist was fired from his job this week after a viral video showed him kicking a woman at an anti-abortion rally, Vice reports. Anti-abortion activist Marie-Claire Bissonnette filmed the hairstylist, Jordan Hunt, as he spoke to her and other activists at a Life Chain event in Toronto on Saturday. The video shows him asking Bissonnette whether a […] More

  • This Actor’s Dramatic Video Is Now A Twitter Meme

    Elizabeth Gillies turned heads with a video she posted on Sept. 28, which shows her strutting her stuff in an elegant red dress. The video quickly became a meme, with people flocking to add their own captions to the video of her confident swagger through the set of the Dynasty reboot, in which she stars as Fallon Carrington. […] More

  • Everyone’s Obsessed With This Video Of A Deer Nailing The Drums In Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’

    Every now and then comes along a brief moment of pure, wholesome, unadulterated internet joy that makes us forget that we’re living in the barren hellscape that is 2018. This week, that joy comes in the form of a deer accidentally recreating the ubiquitous drum solo in the 1981 Phil Collins hit “In the Air Tonight” by stumbling over the slide […] More

  • Dunkin’ Donuts Employees Douse Sleeping Homeless Man, Get Fired

    Dunkin’ Donuts is apologizing after employees were captured in a viral video throwing a pitcher of water onto a homeless man sleeping in their store, and laughing at him. The video, uploaded to Facebook by user Samuel Breazeale on Sunday, shows an employee dumping a pitcher of water onto the man, who is sitting at a table […] More

  • Egypt Air Defends In-Flight Magazine’s Misogynistic, Possibly Fake Drew Barrymore Interview

    Celebrity profiles can often be self-serving PR. A Drew Barrymore interview published in Egypt Air’s in-flight magazine Horus is… not. Adam Baron posted the interview on Twitter yesterday, and it quickly went viral for its stilted prose, grammatical errors, and misogynistic angling. The piece lingers on the Santa Clarita Diet star’s “crucial role” as a mother, her weight, and […] More

  • ‘Curvy Wife Guy’ Threatens To Sue Over Scathing Book Review

    Robbie Tripp, the “I Love My Curvy Wife Guy” known for a polarizing Instagram post, is still trying capitalize on his meme fame, most recently with a book called Create Rebellion. Tripp is once again embroiled in controversy—and inspiring more internet jokes—after feminist site Babe delivered a searing review of the book. Last year, in a post promptly turned into […] More

  • This Wedding Photo Is The New Distracted Boyfriend Meme

    When the Distracted Boyfriend meme exploded on the internet last year, it quickly became the most popular meme of 2017. Now, the omnipresent stock photo has become perhaps the most notoriously popular meme of all time. Even the average person who is not Extremely Online can likely instantly recognize the trio of players, and the meme has gone on to inspire intentional imitations as well […] More

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