This Actor’s Dramatic Video Is Now A Twitter Meme

Elizabeth Gillies turned heads with a video she posted on Sept. 28, which shows her strutting her stuff in an elegant red dress. The video quickly became a meme, with people flocking to add their own captions to the video of her confident swagger through the set of the Dynasty reboot, in which she stars as Fallon Carrington.

You’ve probably seen variations of this clip in your feed lately:

Within days people were sharing the video with their own captions, like this one claiming Gillies “invented walking.”

Twitter user @sarahfneil1 gave a shoutout to all the theater geeks out there with her caption, “theater kids walking into a Denny’s after their closing show.” Gillies herself even retweeted that one.

Another relateable meme shared the video alongside a scenario everyone has experienced at least once. “Me walking past the people I just passed cause I went the wrong way,” @PTRCLVS wrote.

From there, dozens of people jumped on board, sharing the video with a variety of real-world scenarios captioning it. Grabbing Starbucks on the way to work, sauntering through Disneyland with that oh-so-wonderful fast pass, and even holding in vomit on the way to the bathroom were all targets.

Next time you have something important to do, channel Gillies’ confident strut and get your way.

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This article was originally published on The Daily Dot.