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    10 Things Women Worry About That Guys Don’t Care About At All

    It’s funny how women think guys care about so many things don’t actually matter to us at all. Ladies, if you’re obsessing about any of the below, you can relax: we couldn’t care less. Whether your hair is perfect. We love you and don’t even notice. Unless you’re rocking a pink mohawk, we’re down with […] More

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    Things Women Do That Scare Men Off, According To A Guy

    If you constantly find yourself the victim of ghosting by guys, you may be wondering what’s going on and why you can’t manage to find love. If you’re pulling any these moves, is it any wonder you’re still single AF? Textalanche Sometimes a guy is just actually working. Just because you’re not talking all the time […] More

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    10 Things You Should Be Looking For In A Guy, According To A Guy

    Ladies, I have hundreds of single friends. In fact, I have more single friends than you’ve had dates. I know guys—good guys and bad boys, Romeos and Lotharios, leeches and preachers, warriors and wimps—and here’s what I’ve learned: if you’re looking for a good guy, you need to look for these 10 things. He responds favorably […] More