Autopsy Report Reveals The Cause Of Rapper Mac Miller’s Death

Two months after rapper Mac Miller was pronounced dead in his Los Angeles home, the LA County Coroner’s office has released information about the cause of his death. According to the office, the Pittsburgh-native rapper died from a mix of fentanyl, cocaine, and ethanol–it was determined to be an accident.

The office also said in a statement that the rapper was found face down and unresponsive by his personal assistant. They describe that Miller was in a “praying position with blue fluid excreting from his mouth.” Additionally, the report states:

“A small bag containing a white powdery substance was located on a small table along the north wall of the studio room. On a separate table along the north wall of the studio room, an ipad was noted with linear white powdery residue. An empty bottle of liquor was noted on the desk along the east wall of the studio room. Inside the master bedroom, a bottle of prescription medication prescribed to the decedent was noted. Inside the closet on the west wall of the the bathroom, a bag containing a white powdery substance and multiple loose pills were noted inside the pocket of a coat. …. A rolled 20 dollar bill with a white powdery residue was noted in the right pocket of the decedent’s shorts. An empty 750ml bottle of liquor was noted on a nightstand on the west side of the bed.”

Miller has long struggled with addiction and has been open with his fans and followers about his obstacles. However, he is not the first artist–or individual–who has died due to an accidental overdose involving the lethal drug fentanyl. Reports are indicating that the synthetic opioid is 50-100 percent more potent than morphine and heroin. Additionally, Prince, Tom Petty, and Lil Peep–all artists who reportedly died from overdoses–were linked to fentanyl in their autopsy reports.

Since Miller’s death, fans and followers have been keeping up his name and his music by sharing favorite songs, moments, and lyrics from his career. Additionally, friends and family of Miller’s have been outspoken about how influential he was in their lives–including ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande, who recently released a song, “Thank u, Next” in which she called Miller an “angel.”

Fans have been outspoken online about the devastating news.