24 People Share The Advice That Changed Their Lives In 2018

2018 was a difficult year for many, but it was also a year for growth and learning how we can improve ourselves in 2019. At least, that’s how each of these people are choosing to view the past 12 months as they share the most sage pieces of advice that we should all carry into the new year.

1. Don’t stress about things that are out of your control.

The best mental health advice I’ve ever received was to only focus on what you can control. Most of my time and energy had been spent desperately trying to control everything around me, and not surprisingly, my anxiety was out of control. Once I accepted that I can only control myself, it felt as if a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.


2. You don’t have to please everyone.

It is okay to leave a situation if you’re not comfortable. You don’t have to please everyone or “stick it out”.


3. Use your past experiences to teach your future self.

“Use your experiences and what you’ve learned to grow into the kind of person you want to be.” –My therapist


4. Timidity creates nothing.

This quote from Circe by Madeline Miller really pushes me every time I feel like I’m not good enough to try something. Can’t talk to new people? Well, you won’t make new friends! Can’t start a story? You’ll never finish one! You can be timid, or you can grow.


5. No one has all the answers.

Everyone is trying to find their way like you are. You got this.


6. It’s okay to make the first move.

I had been distant with my dad for years, and both of us are too egotistic to call. We used to be close, and this made me send him a text.


7. Forgiveness is key.

Forgive. Move on. Be kind.


8. Don’t drink the office Kool-Aid.

That’s the best piece of advice I’ve gotten this year, from an ex-boyfriend/ex-coworker. Working in a tech company, literally everything is handed to you (work, money, social groups, food), so whenever your work gets hard, the rest of your life suffers because now your entire reality is in jeopardy.


9. Live every moment.

Live life not by the hour or minute, but by the second.


10. Don’t let anyone play in your head.

My advisor told me this after I admitted that my other professor was ridiculing me and calling me names. Basically, it means you shouldn’t let anyone else tell you who or what you are.


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