Beyoncé Looks Straight-Up Pregnant In This Viral Video From Over The Weekend

Earlier this month, a video of Queen B surfaced that had the Beyhive buzzing. In it, Beyoncé— who is currently on her On the Run II Tour alongside husband Jay-Z — finishes the final chorus of “Bonnie and Clyde,” and then proceeds to visibly rub her belly in a exceedingly suggestive manner.

Social media dissected it to bits, but the story eventually died down due to lack of sufficient evidence and response. Until Tuesday, when yet another highly intriguing video of Beyoncé emerged. Taken at a Paris show over the weekend, Bey performs in a hella skintight bodysuit which seems to almost undeniably stretch over a protruded belly.

Until TMZ confirms, nothing is for certain. Maybe Beyoncé ate an entire buttered baguette before hitting the stage. Maybe she’s on her period and got a little bloaty. We are not here to body-shame, merely to observe. But also, Beyoncé looks straight up PREGNANT. Observe for yourself:

Here is a different angle:

To make matters spicier, Beyoncé and Jay both wore jerseys during a performance in Paris that read “Carter 4,” which this particular (French) Twitter user chose to interpret as an homage to the four goals scored by the French World Cup Champs, but which we here choose to see as foreshadowing of baby to come.

Supporting evidence: Bey also posted this recent Instagram picture:

Of course, all these fours may just be alluding to the fact that the number has special significance for the Carters. (Beyoncé, Jay, and Beyoncé’s mom were all born on the 4th, Beyoncé and Jay were married on the 4th in 2008 and 8 divided by 2 is 4, re: Bey herself, and Blue’s name includes “Ivy” because IV is the roman numeral for…you guessed it…)

But that video. That! Video!

If the Beyhive was buzzing in response to the first video, it damn near lost its mind in the wake of this second one.