19 Totally Clueless People That’ll Make You Say ‘Bless Your Heart’

People have never been smart. It’s a complete wonder how, when stacked up against tigers and bears and octopi, we’ve inexplicably made it to the top of the food chain. However, thanks to the Internet, we have constant reminders that our dominion over this planet is actually a complete fluke. But before you place your face into your palm, try to remember that you’ve probably done some stupid stuff yourself. Let he who has not gone to sip a straw without looking and totally miss throw the first stone.

19. This girl who hopefully never actually saw The Boy In The Striped Pajamas: 

18. This not-so-innocent anymore mother:

17. The guy who misunderstood what she meant by “date”:

16. And the one who misunderstood what his friend meant by “court”:

15. The Ariana Grande fan who isn’t so good at math:

14. This sweet, sweet mom, who mistook the acronym ‘STI’:

13. This admirer of fine art:

12. This adorable poppa’s way of saying “Little Caesar’s”:

11. This (honestly, genius) dude’s redefining of MFA:

10. This boy, who has never prom’ed:

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