21 Boyfriends And Husbands Who Are Jerks, But Like, Funny Jerks

If you’re gonna date a jerk, he might as well make you laugh. That being said, these boyfriends and husbands aren’t really jerks, in the sense that they are total POS’s. They’re just funny, loving jerks (the best kind).


2. This boyfriend who got his partner the 3-carat (GET IT?!) ring she wanted:


3. This boyfriend with im-pecker-ble pillow penmanship:


4. The boyfriend who made this apt observation:

5. This boyfriend, who spent more time writing than replacing:


6. This very clabber husband:


7. The husband who made his first dad joke when his pregnant wife said she wanted a ‘toasty’ shower:


8. The husband who left this very RUDE ‘present’ on his wife’s pillow:


9. The husband who placed this apt picture over his wife’s body pillow:

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10. This boyfriend who made his girlfriend the spongecake she asked for:


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