50+ Celebrity Throwback Pics That Prove Stars Were All Awkward Kids Like The Rest Of Us

Puberty isn’t kind to anybody — not even celebrities.

While many famous individuals are currently well-coiffed and put-together, they had awkward years just like the rest of us, complete with braces, bad haircuts, and unfortunate fashion choices. And, if you’re skeptical never fear: there are photos.

Here is undeniable, photographic proof that fame can bestow itself on even the most unassuming kids out there — so, don’t feel bad if you have a whole trove of yearbook photos that you wish you could set on fire:

51. Reese Witherspoon

LOVE that the dress says “Reese.”

50. Hilary Duff

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49. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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The Rock + his pops are too cute for words.

48. Anne Hathaway

Is it possible for a baby to be both adorable and hilariously awkward? It must be.

47. Adam Devine

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Honestly, I’m not surprised by this at all.

46. Ashley Judd

Ashley’s coiff is seriously impressive here.

45. Jenna Dewan

Jenna’s always been a fashionplate.

44. Ludacris

Luda looks adorably mischeivous.

43. Ryan Seacrest

Oh man, those SHOES.

42. Nicole Richie

This hair is giving me new life.

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