This Guy’s Warning Against Women With ‘Daddy Issues’ Is Getting Roasted To A Crisp

A man who calls himself “Kyle Trouble” is getting roasted online for his outdated notions of what men should be looking out for when they’re on a first date with a woman. Now, relationships are very personal, and what is appealing to one person will be unappealing to another. There may be ladies out there who think Kyle is worth the Trouble, even if he seems like what he really wants isn’t a date, but a time machine to take him back to the 1950s.

But Kyle went a little too far on one front for most people. Yes, he uses the word “slut” and that’s gross and sexist and enough to consign him to the trash bin. But he also suggests that one of the top things you have to know about a woman is her relationship with her father. if it’s bad, that’s a deal breaker.

He even offers suggestions for how to eke out this info. Bring up a story of your own pop, then ask, very casually, “What’s your best memory with your dad?”

He then goes on to explain why it’s so important to know when your date lost their virginity and how many people they’ve been with. Honey, if you want this kind of info on a first date, you gotta pay an application fee.

“Respects men.” I don’t know how someone could write they have that expectation after tweeting everything above.

Many are offended by Kyle’s assertions, but a lot of folks have a pretty reasonable response to the Daddy Issues thing:


In Kyle’s world, men are never bad, so a father couldn’t be abusive, or a dead beat, or even literally dead, apparently. Lots of women have bad relationships with their fathers, and it’s no fault of their own: a parent is the one in charge of that relationship and responsible for making it a healthy one.

However, Kyle’s advice is actually helpful. If any man follows it, you know to bail on the date immediately!

Some people contribute their own lists of requirements for men, using Kyle as a jumping off point:

We all have our own lists. The first question on mine is, “Are you Kyle Trouble?” and if that answer is yes, I dine-and-dash.