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  • 10 Moms On Instagram Who Are Almost Too Hot To Be Real

    With everything moms are tasked with on a daily basis, it’s honestly amazing they put their shoes on the right feet every day. If you feel like you have the energy to do more, you might be thinking about what would actually make you feel good, besides sleep. Maybe a haircut? A new outfit? Looking […] More

  • Wine Out Of A Can Is The New Way To Make Summer Last Forever

    When you’re growing up, wine seems like the alcoholic beverage of sophisticates. It’s the kind of drink you can only have at parties where it’s safe to have a glass out, which was not true of any party I went to in college or my early twenties. No long stem crystal goblets for us. No […] More

  • A Guy With A Wrong Number Got Taken For A Wild Ride On The Troll Train

    Beware, folks who randomly text women they’re trying to hook up with. Unless you she offered her number to you with zero urging on your part, you may be about to text her “escape” number. This is the number women give to men to escape their attentions. Could be random, could be her handy fake […] More

  • A Mom Accidentally Made Her Kid A Cake With A Very Rude Message

    Moms are the best. They’re so supportive of every little accomplishment their kids achieve, and when the big things happen, moms come in with the big rewards. Sometimes they’re so blinded by the achievements of their babies that they’re blinded to the rest of the world. At least, that’s my theory, because it’s the only […] More

  • A Professor Shared A Student’s Worst Nightmare Come To Life

    If you’re a student in a rush to meet a paper deadline, please read this cautionary tale. Save yourself some time to double-check everything, cross your Ts, dot you Is, and make sure any weird insults you’ve randomly thrown into the text have been deleted. You’ll thank yourself for it later when you don’t have […] More

  • A Lyft Driver And Twitter Gave This Missed Connection A Happy Ending

    Have you ever seen someone you’d like to talk to, but the moment passed? Perhaps because you were traveling in two separate cars? That’s exactly what happened to two women on different journeys this week. One woman, named Stephanie, posted that she was in a car with her Lyft driver, discussing her future haircut. It’s […] More

  • Blake Lively Clapped Back At The Wrong Person Over ‘Sexist’ Comment

    Celebrities get a lot of attention for a good clap back. The clap back queen is undoubtedly Chrissy Teigen, but the runner up is probably Blake Lively. Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds keep a finger in every social media pie, ready to jump in and school random commenters. They also harass each other quite […] More

  • Chelsea Peretti’s Photo Of How She Eats Cake Is Tearing The Internet Apart

    Even though eating is often a social activity, our food preferences are deeply personal. Your favorite ice cream, preferred pasta shape, and method for soft boiling an egg are sacred to you, even if they seem strange to someone else. That’s why it’s best not to judge what other people like to eat. You don’t […] More

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