Do These 25 Things In Your 20s Or Else You’ll Regret It

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Don’t you wish you had someone to tell you all the things you should be doing in your 20s in order to not be a complete f*cking bum in the future? As I’m creeping toward 30, I find myself second guessing, stressing, and wondering if anyone else feels like their flailing around with a glass of rosé in their hand, trying to figure their sh*t out. Okay, so I don’t ALWAYS have a glass of rosé in hand but I have no shame in my game in being basic. A dry, crisp rosé from France is f*cking delightful, y’all.

You know that POS boyfriend you’ve been dating for the last three years who won’t commit and still just wants to play video games all day? Yeah, it might be time to dump that f*cker and focus on some of your own hobbies — like drinking rosé. Just kidding. Kind of. But really — talk to any 30-something or 40-something, and they’ll tell you that forming and keeping up with activities and hobbies that interest them are the things they wish they would’ve spent more time on. Not that zombie boyfriend, Jordan, who wouldn’t ever communicate his feelings.

You may feel invincible now, but take it from the older, wiser people of the internet — you’re not going to be able to stay up until 4am every morning drinking sh*tty vodka and eating pounds of mozzarella sticks without some serious physical repercussions. So drink that gahd damn water, stretch, try to work out every now and then, and take as many f*cking photos of your life as you possibly can. Go on fulfilling trips, get out of toxic friendships, and for f*ck’s sake — WEAR SUNSCREEN!

If you do these 25 things, you won’t regret it later in life:


If you marry, marry someone because they are your best friend, you share a common philosophy on life, have common values, and want common goals in your future. Don’t marry someone, primarily, because their ass looks good in jeans.


Drink more water. Look after your joints and back. You will feel invincible until your late 20’s / early 30’s, then it’ll suddenly all start catching up to you if you don’t look after yourself.


Save money. Exercise sometimes. Don’t eat complete shit.


Get into some good habits. You know how you drive yourself nuts having to fish around on laundry day for those socks that you always just kind of drop on the floor? Or how the roll of trash bags seems to migrate around the kitchen/storage cupboards and you can never remember where you put it? Or how annoying it is that your pocket change gets put on a counter near wherever you emptied out your jacket and then left there? All that stuff is still going to be annoying as fuck when you’re 35. I figured that adults just kind of start doing adult stuff like that at some point. I was disappointed to learn that it doesn’t just come naturally as you get older, you do in fact have to put some effort into it.


I’d say follow through with any interest you have. There were a bunch of hobbies/habits I wanted to get into, but at the first obstacle or challenge, I’d just go “eh whatever” and give up.

Written by Laura McNairy

Laura is a freelance writer for TFLN. She likes to write about what she knows best — dating, sex, and being awkward, but usually in the opposite order. She is the Assistant Editor and videographer for Peach Fuzz, a sex-positive nudie magazine in ATX.