Drake Reunited The ‘Degrassi’ Cast For His New Music Video And Fans Are Freaking Out

For anyone who’s a fan of Drake, they know that Aubrey Graham was not always the successful rapper that he is today.
In fact, many people who are a bit older know that Drake’s first “big break” was when he played Jimmy Brooks on the hit TV show, “Degrassi.” From relationships to fights with friends to inevitably ending up in a wheelchair after being shot–Jimmy was definitely a fan favorite on the Canadian high school drama. And, after the “original” cast exited the show, moving onto different things, fans weren’t as in love with the new characters as they were with the OG storylines and cast.

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen Jimmy and his friends step through the doors of Degrassi High School–but, Drake thought it was time to bring the old crew back together again for his music video for his single “I’m Upset.”

Drake called in the big names from the original show–as Spinner, Emma, Manny, Sean, Liberty, TJ, Paige, Ashley, Ellie, Marco, Toby all danced around and partied in the gym. There was even a moment where Rick, the character who shot Jimmy Brooks, appeared to be running down the hallway as Drake’s new crew chased him down. He even called in Jay and Silent Bob to have a few cameos in the video–which, is always an amazing decision. The video is filled with nostalgic memories of characters we used to be absolutely infatuated with, and for anyone who’s a fan of the show, it’s a gift within itself.

Just make sure you watch all the way to the end for a very special treat.

After the video was released, fans all over social media were freaking out that Drake not only paid honor to his “roots,” but also gave us the reunion we have always wanted.

Thank you, Drake. Thank you.