20+ Memes About Being Drunk That Will Make You Laugh Even When Sober

Drinking is both the worst and best thing in the world, as many of us have painfully discovered through trial and many, many errors. Drunken debauchery is an unforgiving mistress, especially as your body ages. The punishment for an evening of carefree enjoyment gets much harsher after 25. If you haven't experienced that firsthand yet, just wait. It's coming.

Even the Youths have experienced most of the classic drunk mistakes—drinking too much, getting crazy on a work night, drunk texting your ex, and other horrors—and those mistakes are best expressed through memes. That's because your booze-soaked brain can still understand them. Pictures, very few words. Perfect. Whether you're trying to keep it together in the back of an Uber, or trying to keep it together on your couch the next morning, these will make you laugh. Just not too loud, jeez, my head.


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