People Are Sharing The Dumbest Excuses Their SOs Gave For Cheating And, Just, Wow


She said “You’re always so controlling, telling me what I can and can’t do.” It reminded me of The Office when Michale Scott said to Jan “…you cheated on me when I specifically asked you not to”.



She said she wasn’t cheating, I got sent to me a picture of her (nudes) from the guy she was cheating on me with and he said, “look familiar”. When I confronted her about it she said those were old pictures and he was just trying to start sh*t.

I was like hmm fair enough, then I realized that the pictures were literally taken in her dorm room that she had just moved into that year and I was standing in the same spot that she took them in as I was talking to her which made me realize, took me a second to realize that but yeah that sucked.

Rough time for me on that one.



“I didn’t say it was right, I just don’t care”

F**ked me up man.



It was with another girl, so not only should it not count, I should be all excited about it.

Edit: When your gf cheats on you with a girl, it is no more an opening for a threesome than if she cheated with a dude. Cheating on your SO is not Step 1 in How to Wrangle a Threeway.



“It was his birthday”

I sh*t you not.


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“Well, you said you love and accept me for who I am with all my flaws!

So you also have to accept that I’m sleeping with other women because this is just how I am!”

Uh, no I guess not.



‘We were never together’

We were very much together.



“You deserved it”

I was angry all the time because I was doing all the household chores, that he complained I didn’t do well enough. Taking care of our 7y…all the logistics. Working full time. And I had a husband who treated me like an afterthought. Going to happy hours with work friends was more important.

And I especially deserved for him to cheat while I had cancer. Saw a message to the AP telling her how boring his weekend was. And she said he deserved something better and more fun.

Sorry I wasn’t more fun during chemo.



I was going to leave you anyway



I wore a condom…technically, I didn’t even touch her!


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