People Are Sharing The Dumbest Excuses Their SOs Gave For Cheating And, Just, Wow


My ex-husband, 21 years ago. I was pregnant with our son. At 5 months I was 3 cm dilated and had already had my labor stopped several times. I was on bed rest and told no sex. He felt completely justified in going out and finding some.

He never would concede that it was cheating. It was my job to take care of his needs and he felt completely within his rights to get it elsewhere if I refused.



“He took my virginity years ago and wanted to find out how much better I’d gotten at sex since then.” So you showed him?



She blamed cheating on Mars being in retrograde.



“You don’t have a job.”

True. I had been ‘between jobs’ for about 2 months. That was enough for her to toss out the marriage and sleep with her boss. I was ok with it – she was insane.

Two weeks later, I filed for divorce. One week after that got a job paying double my old salary. Never looked back.



I went away on a field trip with uni for a week. Came back to find out he’d slept with two other women. His excuse? “I missed you. I was lonely without you and couldn’t cope. You shouldn’t have left me alone” Ugh, there was so much wrong with that man, and that relationship >.<


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“Well you were looking at porn. It’s the same thing.”

And then after marriage counseling, which she wanted to try to save the marriage since we had a young child, when she wouldn’t stop sleeping around…

“We may have been in counseling but that doesn’t mean we are together so it’s not cheating.”

And then I finally filed for divorce.



“You’re not going to believe me…”

(fifteen minutes of demanding an answer)

“this has happened before. I was accused of doing something and people even saw me do it but it wasn’t really me. It was my double-self. My family was cursed back in Nigeria”

(damn right I didn’t believe him)

“You’re racist if you don’t believe me.” …?


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