Flight Attendant Selflessly Helps Mother And Crying Baby After They Ran Out Of Formula Mid-Flight

For some, having children is a huge life changer. You have to find a babysitter when you want to go out, your bills when you bring them out are always double the price, and when you travel, it can be very, very complicated–epsecially when flying. As many parents know, traveling with infants and babies can be a hassle, not only for the parents but for babies, too.

It gets even worse when your child starts to get fussy and begins crying, and everyone on the airplane looks at you as though you are the spawn of Satan himself. There’s nothing worse than being stuck thousands of feet in the air, in a metal tube, squished between strangers, and then listening to a baby cry and high-pitch volume. Not only is it annoying for passengers, but the parents feel like garbage for causing inconveniences and discomfort to others.

When a mother on a Philippine Airlines Express plane was struggling with her crying baby, one flight attendant, 24-year-old Patrisha Organo, stepped in and helped out in truly a selfless and brilliant way.

Organo went to check on the parents and see if everything was okay. The mother told Organo that she had run out of formula and her baby was crying out of hunger. Trying to figure out a solution, Organo asked her supervisor, Sheryl Villaflor, if it would be okay to offer to breastfeed the baby on board, as the flight had no formula. With permission of the mother and her boss, Organo saved the day, fed the baby, and allowed passengers to have a peaceful flight.

Organo decided to share the story on her Facebook profile, and it immediately went viral.

I BREASTFED A STRANGER’S BABY INFLIGHTYesteday, I was scheduled for a check flight to be qualified as a Cabin Crew...

Posted by Patrisha Organo on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

People online were sharing their gratitude and support, sharing how beautiful they believe the story is, and how nice it is to see women helping women.

What a beautiful way to tackle your job–and, life. Thank you, Patrisha.